Volkswagen plans to reduce its lineup

Volkswagen plans to reduce its lineup

April 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Such information can be considered almost an official decision, as it comes from one of the leaders of the brand.

Volkswagen may soon revise its lineup to reduce the number of cars. Such a statement on Monday, April 20, was made by the head of brand development and research, Frank Welch. Specific models were not named, but it became known that we are talking about crossovers – such information was shared by the authoritative publication “Autocar”. To date, the model range includes 14 different SUV cars. According to company management, 10 will be enough.

The thing is that some models take customers away from each other, which does not increase the total sales volume, while production costs increase.

 Frank Welch said Volkswagen would focus on developing and manufacturing successful models without giving specific names. At the moment, only one thing is clear Рthe reduction will affect the machines that were built on the platform MQB. Instead, a modern electric Volkswagen ID will appear in the lineup.