Volkswagen plans to install many electric car charging stations in Europe

Volkswagen plans to install many electric car charging stations in Europe

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German company continues to increase investment in the field of green cars. Soon, the company will already begin selling the ID.3 passenger electric car, which many call the electric Golf. However, at the moment there are some problems with the release of electric vehicles, which can not be said about gasoline cars.

For the normal functioning of electric cars it is required to place a large number of charging stations. Therefore, Volkswagen begins to work in this area. The German company plans to deploy 4,000 stations for charging electric vehicle batteries until 2025.

Total investments in this industry from the company amount to 250 million euros. It turns out that the company will spend about 62.5 thousand euros on one such station. In this case, the station is not meant to be a whole building with many “outlets” for recharging, but one such “outlet”.

Volkswagen will be ready to provide only 11 kW of battery charging. To drive 100km, you have to charge the battery for 2-3 hours. For example, the American company Tesla offers power plants with a capacity of 14 times greater. It is also known that the European standard connector, Type-2, will be used.

But there is also unconditionally a strong side of Volkswagen in the field of environmental conservation. The station will be powered only by Volkswagen Naturstrom, which specializes in renewable sources. It turns out that this will not lead to emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

They suggest that Volkswagen stations will be installed near offices, which will allow charging cars while owners work.