Volkswagen patented the mysterious name “Peak Edition”

Volkswagen patented the mysterious name “Peak Edition”

March 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker registered a new name in the USA.

The American representative office of Volkswagen has patented the new name “Peak Edition” in the United States. The application was submitted as early as March 25, and the details regarding the mysterious trademark end there. From the explanatory note we only learn that the new product will belong to the category of ground transport. Experts suggest that the new name will be assigned to a special version of a model dedicated to the legendary Pikes Peak mountain race.

Volkswagen has many victories on this difficult track. So, it is VW that retains the overall record of the fastest car on Pikes Peak.

 The record race took place in 2018, and its author was Romain Dumas. He completed the race with 156 turns in just seven minutes and 57.1 seconds, driving an electric ID.R.