Volkswagen patented eared armchairs

Volkswagen patented eared armchairs

June 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It was possible to find a patent for unusual armchairs, registered this year by Volkswagen AG. They have an unusual design and an extremely developed head restraint “hugs” the head of the rider from both sides.

Seats can be made both in an individual single variant, and in the form of a two-seater sofa. Their main feature is an extremely developed headrest integrated with the backrest.

On both sides of the headrest are made large “ears”-prings. Outwardly it resembles armchairs in sedentary cars of some trains or racing chairs of new generation with lateral head protection.

Judging by the computer images, the seatbacks are folded – so it can be assumed that these are the rear seats. Probably, they were created for a perspective minivan or even a minibus. Machines for which these chairs can be used are not indicated in the patent itself.