Volkswagen Passat-2020: the old platform and engine design – as in China

Volkswagen Passat-2020: the old platform and engine design – as in China

January 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sketches of the American version of the new generation Passat Volkswagen brand distributed at the end of last year. The official premiere of the model will take place in a few hours, it will be held at the Detroit Auto Show. However, even before the opening of the exhibition, branded photographs of the sedan were posted on the Web.

Recall that in North America and China a completely different Passat is presented, not one that is available in other markets. So, the global model of the current eighth generation (debuted in 2014) is built on the MQB platform, it is produced in sedan and station wagon (machine index – B8). Designed for America and the Celestial version exists only in the form of “four-door”, it is produced from 2011, it is based on the platform PQ46 (the index of such a car is NMS, that is, New Midsize Sedan).

The Chinese Passat changed generation in 2018, and was also transferred to the MQB platform. But in the States sedan 2020 model year retained the platform PQ46. In the American division of Volkswagen, they do not hide the fact that such a decision was made out of savings: the segment of “cars” in the US is still shrinking, and the company does not see the point of spending money on a new platform.

Externally, the American version almost completely copies the “heavenly” version, the difference is in the details: for example, a slightly different grille and other taillights, and the chrome strip disappeared from the trunk lid. By the way, the “merged” photo captures the Passat-2020 with the R-Line package, the features of such a car are the more aggressive front bumper and the original two-color wheels.

If the interior of the Chinese Passat was completely redrawn, the “American” only reworked the front panel (the airflow vents are now decorated in the style of a global model) and dashboard, plus a sedan got a new multimedia system. The list of equipment Passat NMS also includes adaptive cruise control, automatic braking system, retention in the band and monitoring of “blind” zones.

The refusal of the MQB means that in America the VW Passat will not have a hybrid version (the Chinese new sedan has such a modification). In general, they also saved on the engine: in the States, the 2020 model year sedan will be offered with the previous two-liter “turbo four” TSI, which is combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. The engine still produces 176 hp, although the torque has grown from 250 to 280 Nm. Atmospheric engine VR6 3.6 (283 hp) was dismissed as early as September 2018.

The sedan will enter the American market in the middle of this year, the price has not yet been announced. The predecessor costs from 25,295 dollars (excluding taxes and delivery). In total, last year the previous Volkswagen Passat found 41,401 owners in the States – 32% less than in 2017. For comparison, the Toyota Camry in 2018 sold 343,439 copies (-11%) across the United States.

Meanwhile, in China, along with the American version, the global Passat is also sold, only the latter is known there as Magotan.Ssedans with the same platform in China now produce different plants: Passat produces Volkswagen JV and SAIC, and Magotan – FAW-Volkswagen.

As for the world VW Passat, the generation change is not yet shining for him. However, this year the global model will be updated.