Volkswagen offers Das WeltAuto extended terms

Volkswagen offers Das WeltAuto extended terms

November 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the press center of the Volkswagen Corporation, from now on, the Das WeltAuto after-sales service program will also apply to cars under the age of 10 years inclusive.

The German brand expands the range of cars that will be included in the Das WeltAuto after-sales support program. As noted, these cars will receive post-warranty support until they reach 11 years or 220,000 kilometers.

According to the program, any car is offered to a client with a risk of breakdown for 1 year. That is, a person who has purchased a ten-year-old used car within the framework of Das WeltAuto will be protected from financial repair costs until his car reaches the age of 11 years or the mileage is 220 thousand km.

 It should be emphasized that all machines sold under the Das WeltAuto program receive a guarantee that extends to European countries.