Volkswagen offers a new initiative for dealers

Volkswagen offers a new initiative for dealers

April 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to the German automaker, it is time to help those in need.

The slowdown in the spread of coronavirus, which infected about 600 thousand people in the United States alone, can only be achieved by social distance and staying at home – two factors that make it very difficult for many to obtain basic products. Volkswagen realized that it could do something to help those in need by asking its dealerships to convert their rental cars into social ones.

Currently, the automaker is supporting its American dealerships, which are seeking to redesign their fleet to offer free pickups and supplies for those who need them. VW “Dealer Response Team” is a simple idea that will be of great importance if there is a car dealership employee acting as a driver and a vehicle.

Drivers will be entrusted with tasks such as delivering to a local food bank, delivering masks and dressing gowns to critical areas, and even personal delivery for those who cannot leave their homes. All this will be done for free. Volkswagen’s corporate department will offer dealers a daily stipend to cover fuel and rental costs.

In total, Volkswagen has more than 600 dealerships across the country with nearly 7,000 rental cars at its disposal. The manufacturer knows that some dealers are closed due to circumstances beyond their control, as they must comply with local sanitary regulations.

“Ever since the pandemic began, our dealers have responded quickly to support those in need in their local communities,” said Saad Chekhab, VW’s senior vice president of marketing. “Some dealers have already decided to“ scale up ”and start their own delivery programs. Today we announce the financial contribution of our brand to these efforts throughout the dealer network and provide them with support to do even more. So if you happen to meet a Volkswagen Atlas car marked “Community Driven”, know that it is driving for a great cause. ”

As mentioned above, the most common model that can be used to perform delivery tasks is the Atlas crossover, although it is possible that other models will be used in the dealership fleets.