Volkswagen Nivus can reach Europe

Volkswagen Nivus can reach Europe

January 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Volkswagen Nivus crossover, created by the Brazilian division of the company based on the Polo hatchback for the Latin American car market, will be delivered to Europe, Automotive News reports.

We are not told about specific countries, and even more so about the date of the appearance of Nivus. In Brazil, it will be officially presented in the coming weeks, the release will begin in the summer. Wide unification of components with other models will enable Volkswagen to introduce it to markets outside Latin America without significant costs.

Volkswagen Nivus is a front-wheel drive fastback with a black plastic body kit at the lower edge, which relies on larger wheels from the T-Cross crossover. He shared the MQB platform with Polo: they have an equal wheelbase (2551 mm), the same suspension scheme with a twisting beam at the rear, power structure and, of course, doors (not counting the fifth). But Nivus has its own design of the front and rear parts in the style typical of compact Volkswagen crossovers with a hexagonal radiator grille, visually combined with headlights, and taillights in a black “bar”.

In our country, the Nivus fastback is unlikely to appear, since without localization in this segment there can be no talk of profit. And Volkswagen has already decided on a subcompact crossover localized here, it will be the T-Cross in 2022.