Volkswagen named the release date of the new Golf

Volkswagen named the release date of the new Golf

January 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The timing of the appearance of the eighth generation of the best-selling brand was announced at the suppliers’ summit of Volkswagen.

Within the framework of the summit held in Wolfsburg, representatives of Volkswagen reported that the launch of the production of the next generation Golf model is scheduled for June 2019.

It was also announced that about 1.8 billion euros will be invested in the development of the new generation Volkswagen Golf model, while the cost of preparing for production will amount to about 3 billion euros.

The new Golf is supposed to be built on the basis of the upgraded version of the modular MQB platform, which will reduce the weight of the car compared to the current generation and increase the capacity of the luggage compartment to about 400 liters.

It is expected that the model will have a digital “fitting” as standard, and in the list of available equipment will include: a projection display, infotainment system with the function of recognition of gestures and an automatic parking system.

Let’s remind, last novelty Volkswagen became sedan Jetta of new generation, presented some days ago within the limits of the Detroit motor show.