Volkswagen made a bet on crossovers: they will be more and more

Volkswagen made a bet on crossovers: they will be more and more

October 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen decided to focus on the SUV segment. By 2025, the automaker wants crossovers and SUVs to occupy 50% of total sales.

In order for sales in the segment of crossovers to grow, we need a wide range of products that guarantee presence in all niches. Volkswagen has such a model range, and by the end of this year the number of crossovers will be replenished – the T-Cross will be on sale.

“Crossovers are becoming increasingly popular around the world. That is why we are consistently increasing our presence in this segment. This will help in strengthening the core business and will allow to invest the necessary billions of euros in autonomous vehicle management systems, ” – says Jürgen Stackmann, responsible for sales, Volkswagen board member.

To meet growing demand, Volkswagen plans to have more than 30 SUVs and crossovers in its model range by the middle of the next decade. According to forecasts, the demand for crossovers will grow in North and South America, as well as in China.

The Volkswagen brand Tiguan model is among the ten best-selling cars in the world with the result of almost 5 million copies. It is followed by the brand’s flagship SUV, the Touareg, which has sold nearly 1 million copies. The company was pleasantly surprised by the recent novelty – VW T-Roc, which over the year was acquired by 130 thousand people all over the world.

Audi is making a similar forecast: half of the brand’s sales will be crossovers by 2025. This goal has already been achieved in the North American market, where the Q model accounts for about 51% of all Audi sales.

Recently. we wrote that Volkswagen introduced small crossover T-Cross.