Volkswagen is preparing for large-scale electrification of the world fleet

Volkswagen is preparing for large-scale electrification of the world fleet

December 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The new modular platform MEB from the Volkswagen concern has been specially developed for electric vehicles, and the Germans are seriously counting on large-scale production. But how wrong we were about the extent of the seriousness of VW!

Several times during the year, VW announced that the new MEB platform, specifically designed for electric vehicles, in the coming years will be the basis for 10 million new cars. At a MEB vendor event organized by the automaker, this number has grown significantly to 15 million vehicles that will be built until the platform becomes obsolete.

Moreover, Volkswagen has pledged to invest 9 billion Euros (10.2 billion US dollars) in the development of the future family of electric cars. And by 2020, the company is going to realize at least 1 million electric cars.

“Now we are entering a crucial phase. In about 12 months, a new era will be opened for Volkswagen, comparable to the first Beetle or the first Golf, ”said a statement from Thomas Ulbrich, the head of Volkswagen responsible for the electric vehicle division.
“We are very carefully preparing for this event together with our partners.”

Recall that MEB is a significantly modified MBQ modular platform. The platform configuration will allow the use of rechargeable batteries and power units, providing a range of up to 550 kilometers.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen has to announce a revocable campaign that will affect the new Touareg crossover. The reason for the forced maintenance was the malfunction of passenger seat belts.