Volkswagen is preparing a “charged” electric car GTX

Volkswagen is preparing a “charged” electric car GTX

December 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German company is going to use the name GTX for a number of models with electric powertrains.

The Volkswagen brand has chosen a new nomenclature for some models of the ID family, in particular, for the mass variation of the Crozz coupe, which is likely to be called the ID 5 GTX in its most productive variation. The name GTX will fit into the lineup of the German brand, which also uses the names GTI, GTD and GTE for gasoline, diesel and hybrid models focused on power.

Volkswagen was not informed when the corporation was going to release its debut model GTX, however, according to Autocar, the creation of a high-performance variation ID 5 is going on in a research center in Braunschweig, Germany, and will probably be introduced at the beginning of 2021.

 As with the existing GTI, GTD and GTE models, the GTX line will differ from simple modifications in the new appearance and interior design. Due to this model will get a more sporty look.

 Further changes will focus on electric drives. The “X” in the name GTX, allegedly, means all-wheel drive, suggesting that in the upcoming “charged” ID models, 2 engines can be used, one of which is for front wheels and the second for rear wheels.

Although the GTX name is new to Volkswagen, it was constantly used by General Motors and its subsidiaries, mainly for futuristic concept cars.