Volkswagen is going to sell cars on the Internet since 2020

Volkswagen is going to sell cars on the Internet since 2020

October 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Internet has become an excellent platform that helps to sell and buy various goods, including cars. And no longer find a car maker who does not have an online configurator. Volkswagen will go further.

In spite of the fact that nowadays no one buying a car is complete without first studying the information on the Internet, in fact, there are no real online dealers yet. Something similar offers Tesla company, selling their cars without dealerships. But Volkswagen will go further, and will launch an online store of its own cars.

Unfortunately, the details are not reported now, but we can assume some details. So, it is absolutely clear that buying a car will begin with the choice of model and its configuration. Moreover, the conclusion of a contract for the purchase of a new car will take place online, or during the delivery of the car, without the need to visit a dealer.

In fact, customers will be able to choose a car and complete the purchase with a selected dealer without leaving home, and it will only be necessary to get the delivered car.

“This is the right step at the right time,” – said in a statement J├╝rgen Stackman, a representative of VW, responsible for sales.