Volkswagen is going to be “more emotional” on E-Mobility

Volkswagen is going to be “more emotional” on E-Mobility

October 3, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

At the Paris Motor Show Volkswagen company offers “more emotional brand strategy that will affect its future business decisions.

The campaign will be built around a new advertising slogan – “Think anew” – and intended for re setting the company Volkswagen after the scandal Dieselgate, which has worsened its position in the global market. Signaling a new, more emotional brand positioning, Head of Sales and Marketing Jürgen Stackmann promised that VW will restore the connection with its huge customer base and reoriented the global middle class. He said: “We have 40 million customers worldwide, and it is our greatest asset. We want to stay warm and close to our customers. We could make technological breakthroughs, but we do not want to be cold and technical brand.”

The slogan “Think new” will be associated with the strategy of VW in developing and expanding the production of electric vehicles, starting with the recently presented ID, and the Beetle and Golf Mk1.
“Think new is not fixed brand position rather a beacon to the course, which is directed and will adhere to our company,” said Stackmann. «Volkswagen always improving and changing. The transition from the Beetle to the Golf was revealing. VW in Paris showed a new feature of the company. Now we are changing in favor of electric cars. This is also significant.”

VW builds its new marketing strategy around six new “promises customers“: reasonable stability, human excitement, intuitive usability, connected community, always up to date and safe choice.

Marketing department of VW, working on strategy since late last year when Stackmann moved from head of sales and marketing for Seat at Volkswagen.