Volkswagen is building a plant for the deep processing of lithium-ion batteries

Volkswagen is building a plant for the deep processing of lithium-ion batteries

February 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen engineers are currently working on a concept for recycling used lithium-ion batteries. According to the automotive group, used car batteries will be recycled at the Salzgitter site (Salzgitter) – from 2020 about 1,200 tons per year – about 3,000 sets.

The increase in production capacity is considered. In this case we are talking about an effective process that will allow to recover for reuse cobalt, lithium, manganese and nickel.

Accumulators, “waste” in their electric vehicles, can be used in stationary energy storage systems, but after that they still need to be disposed of.

At the new plant, these old batteries will be crushed, the resulting material will be dried and sieved. The process further involves the extraction of the so-called “black powder”. It contains valuable raw materials – cobalt, lithium, manganese and nickel. It remains only to separate these materials.

The recovered raw materials will be sent “to the production chain” of the concern – simultaneously with the battery recycling installation, a pilot battery production plant with the “Center of Excellence” is being set up in Salzgitter.

According to Volkswagen, other decentralized processing plants will follow the project in Salzgitter in the coming years.

Efficient recovery of metals contained in batteries is important not only in terms of optimizing production processes or the environment, but also to reduce the carbon footprint of the automotive concern.

As is known, waste batteries are potentially hazardous waste. Problems of handling them have been discussed for a long time. Today we see that automakers are already in the early stages of the development of the electric mobility market creating industrial enterprises for advanced processing of batteries.