Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE: a new name for a complex of electronic systems from the concern

Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE: a new name for a complex of electronic systems from the concern

December 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Modern cars are increasingly similar to gadgets and are equipped with all possible assistants and electronic security systems. Some companies combine them into a single complex, the time has come for Volkswagen to create a new name for proprietary systems – IQ.DRIVE.

Until that moment, Volkswagen had not thought about combining all its active safety systems and assistants into a single complex. If other companies (Ford Co-Pilot 360 or Nissan ProPILOT) are already actively using it and increasing their own awareness that VW is a little behind them. From January 2019 in the cars of the German concern there will be not numerous systems, but a single electronic complex IQ.DRIVE.

IQ.DRIVE is a generic name under which all electronic driver assistance will be included: driving, parking and security. In the not too distant future, the complex will also denote all automated driving technologies currently being developed by the concern. To quickly promote the name of the complex, an advertising campaign will be launched in Germany by Christmas.

“Our models already have intelligent electronic assistants to increase comfort and safety in the car,” said Jurgen Stackman, executive director of the VW group responsible for sales and marketing, in a statement. – “With IQ.DRIVE, we will gradually add new functions, up to autonomous driving.”

Meanwhile, the first electric car from the Volkswagen concern hatchback I.D. and at the disposal of the site Electrek were photos of the pre-production prototype. The model will be the firstborn on the new platform MEB, and will go on sale in 2019.