Volkswagen introduced the new Arteon station wagon for testing

Volkswagen introduced the new Arteon station wagon for testing

February 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Before testing the Arteon prototype, Volkswagen disguised it as a Passat station wagon.

Volkswagen talked about the prospects of launching the Arteon station wagon from December 2016, even before the world premiere of fastback. A more stylish alternative to the American version of the Passat Variant was finally announced in August 2019, although at that point in time, visualizations from Wolfsburg only revealed plans for the upcoming station wagon, without actually mentioning that it would be based on Arteon. The car was indirectly disclosed about a month ago as the CC Travel Edition, intended for China, and now we finally see its European version, which is being tested in snowy Sweden.

Arteon, disguised as a Passat, looks pretty big, and so it should be extremely practical. The German manufacturer can essentially label the Shooting Brake body variant, but in the end, this is a typical station wagon with rear doors and all the associated attributes. The test car looks almost unmasked, although there are stickers on the taillights that hide their actual design. In front of the bumper is visible some kind of camouflage of the same color as on the back of the car, but probably it does not hide something special.

Like the aforementioned CC Travel Edition, the Shooting Brake Arteon appears to have a slightly higher ground clearance and is equipped with plastic wheel arches. These improvements make it a more attractive alternative to Passat Alltrack and a more affordable option compared to the recently released Skoda Superb Scout.

In addition to the obvious lengthening of the roof, the more practical Arteon received a larger rear spoiler and wiper, while this prototype apparently does not have roof rails from CC Travel Edition. In addition, artificial exhaust is noticeable – a trend that can not get rid of itself soon enough.

No major changes are expected inside, since the Shooting Brake is likely to transfer the interior from a similar liftback. However, VW promised that a little later this year Arteon will receive a restyled version with some “cool improvements” inside. It is known that the novelty will be assembled in Germany at the factory in Emden, and there is a chance that it will be available in the United States to compete with the Subaru Outback. The official unveiling of the chic Shooting Brake should take place later this year with the debut of Arteon, or soon after.