Volkswagen introduced a serial electric car with a range of 550 kilometers

Volkswagen introduced a serial electric car with a range of 550 kilometers

September 10, 2019 1 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen introduced the production version of the ID.3 electric car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The letters in the name of the machine are deciphered as Intelligent Design and Identity (intelligent design and personality). The Germans themselves call this electric car their main premiere at the motor show. The first batch of hatchbacks called First Edition will be released in November at a factory in Zwickau with a circulation of 30,000 copies, most of them have already been booked. The first cars will go to dealers in mid-2020.

ID.3 was the first production German electric car built on the new MEB platform. Volkswagen representatives compared this launch to production with the transition from Beetle to Golf. The design of the machine practically does not differ from the concept of the same name presented earlier. The place of special cameras was taken by the usual rear-view mirrors, and retractable door handles were replaced by ordinary ones. The drag coefficient is 0.267.

The five-door hatchback uses special flat batteries, which are located under the floor of the car. This is done in order to increase the interior space of the car. In terms of size, the novelty is comparable to Golf. The length of the novelty is 4261 mm, the width is 1809 mm, and the height is 1552 mm. The size of the wheelbase is 2765 millimeters. The mass of the electric car is 1719 kilograms.

Fully technical specifications of the machine have not yet been disclosed. At the moment, it is known that the electric car will be offered to customers in three versions: with batteries of 45, 58 and 77 kWh, which will allow you to drive 330, 420 and 550 km without recharging, respectively. For example, the cheapest Tesla model, Model 3, has a standard range of 354 kilometers. In March, the Americans introduced were able to increase the range of the electric car to 523 kilometers.

Electric motor power is 150 and 204 horsepower. The maximum speed of the basic version of the machine is 160 km per hour. The battery for a 290 km run can be replenished in half an hour using the quick recharge system.

A large touch-screen display of the infotainment complex appeared in the interior of the electric car, which is responsible for controlling most functions, so the number of analog buttons and switches is minimized here. A similar solution can also be found on the new Tesla electric cars. You can adjust the temperature in the cabin using the small slider at the bottom of the screen. The luggage compartment of the hatchback is 380 liters.

The digital hatchback dashboard is located directly on the steering column and displays information about speed, range, cruise control, as well as navigation instructions. ID.3 lost the traditional automatic transmission selector: it was replaced by a small switch on the side of the dashboard.

The basic version of the First Edition is equipped with a satellite navigation system, heated front seats and steering wheel, as well as 18-inch wheel disks. The completeness Plus Plus also adds a rear camera, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and engine start, door handle illumination and LED matrix lights. The top-end modification Max received a Beats premium audio system, a panoramic roof, a touch screen and 20-inch wheels.