Volkswagen introduced a robot for charging electric vehicles

Volkswagen introduced a robot for charging electric vehicles

December 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The prototype robot has a 25 kWh battery.

Volkswagen has developed a robot that can charge electric cars autonomously, allowing any parking space to become a charging point. The robot is called by drivers through the application for a smartphone or through a connected car system.

The robot is able to open the charging port and connect the plug. Then he can go to charge other vehicles, returning to the station after completion of the charging process. Each robot has a power of 25 kWh and is capable of fast charging up to 50 kW. It is equipped with a number of scanners and sensors so that you can ensure free movement in the parking lot.

Mark Möller, head of Volkswagen Group Components, said the system “will revolutionize” because it can “bring charging infrastructure into the car, not the other way around.” The system is designed for use in a number of car parks, and Möller claims to have “tremendous economic potential” by reducing the need for fixed charging points.

The system is currently a “farsighted prototype,” but Volkswagen says it can be “implemented pretty quickly.” He added that he had not yet set a market entry date.