Volkswagen illegally sold pre-production cars for more than 10 years

Volkswagen illegally sold pre-production cars for more than 10 years

December 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Volkswagen sent the dealers cars that were supposed to be recycled.

For several years, Volkswagen has been selling cars not admitted to public roads. We are talking about pre-production prototypes, which the company had to officially dispose of, but instead illegally handed it over to dealers in Europe and North America.

According to Der Spiegel, from 2006 to 2018, Volkswagen sold 6,700 “substandard” cars, and Handelsblatt, referring to the company’s internal documents, claims that the real number of cars with “undefined status” is about 17 thousand. At the same time, Volkswagen could legalize at least a part of such cars, if it was in time to document and certify their differences from serial ones. Now the manufacturer is forced to announce a review that will cause another damage to the brand’s reputation, sources in the auto industry are confident.

The German authorities have already considered the actions of Volkswagen illegal and, together with the Ministry of Transport, are considering imposing a fine. Legal experts recommend preparing for a new wave of lawsuits, as the cars purchased did not actually meet the criteria stated by the manufacturer. At the same time, for some, the differences were in software, for others, in design features, including security.

The actions of Volkswagen displeased not only among local auto companies like Opel and Mercedes-Benz, who considered them a “giant mistake”, but also the dealers of the brand. They will have to pay compensation to customers from their own pocket.

The new scandal may have negative consequences for Volkswagen, which is trying to recover and regain the trust of customers after dieselgate. Then, due to manipulations with data on harmful emissions, the company had to withdraw 11 million cars and pay millions in fines, and the brand’s management received real prison sentences.