Volkswagen ID.R production still in the past

Volkswagen ID.R production still in the past

March 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

However, this is a challenge that Yost Capito, head of Volkswagen’s R-brand, is ready to accept.

The head of Volkswagen R Performance, Jost Capito, strives to “make a truly fantastically affordable electric car” for the German automaker. When asked about the possibility that the R-division would touch the production version of the electric car, he replied that he did not imagine a sports, cheap EV right now, because he had not fully studied the demand for this kind of product.

Capito is unaware of the benefits of electric vehicles, and he noted that almost instantaneous acceleration is one of the features of such cars that arouses consumer interest. Nevertheless, the CEO shared his opinion that EV needs a “character”, and not just speed “on a straight line”. “That’s why we introduced the Golf eR1,” said Capito.

The EV prototype was the “first test mule” for the Volkswagen ID.R electric race car, which defeated Pikes Peak in Colorado and Nurburgring in Germany. Capito admitted that the information he received from testing ID.R under such diverse conditions would ultimately allow his team to create a performance-oriented electric car that really deserves the R badge.

Combine Volkswagen’s ability to mass-produce electric cars such as ID.3 and the upcoming ID.4 with “extreme technology” like the Golf eR1 and ID.R, and the recipe for the perfect “R” electric car is almost ready. Without a doubt, the R-brand will decorate one of Volkswagen’s electric cars in the coming years, but this will happen when Capito feels that his team is able to create a performance-oriented EV that excites the minds of customers not only with the ability to quickly accelerate to 100 km / h.