Volkswagen ID Hatch will receive three complete sets

Volkswagen ID Hatch will receive three complete sets

September 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen is seriously preparing to electrify its own brand. Already in 2019, the market will fully electric hatchback ID Hatch. And now it became known that the model will receive three complete sets with different batteries and motors.

The company Volkswagen is going to transfer its experience in the production and sale of cars from ICE to its new line of electric vehicles. Already in 2019 Volkswagen ID Hatch will begin mass production, which will receive three sets at once, which will help the model to reach the widest possible audience.

“We will have three different sets of hatchback IDs to allow people with different financial opportunities to purchase a future model. The entry-level car will have a power reserve of up to 330 km WLTP, and it will also receive less power”, – said VW E-Mobility, Christian Senger, head of product line.

As it became clear from his words, more affordable versions will receive a small battery and a less powerful motor, and the top version will be equipped with a battery with a large capacity and a powerful engine.

“If people want a fast car, I do not want them to come back to me in three months and say that the car is fast, but there is not enough power reserve. Therefore, a powerful and fast car requires a more powerful battery – it’s easy!” – He added.

While detailed information is not available, however, hints from some Volkswagen managers suggest that the base version will receive a battery for 49 kW*hours, and a power reserve of up to 330 km along the WLTP cycle. The average version will be able to travel about 450 km, but the volume of the battery is not reported.

About top-end equipment and does not know anything, but it would not be bad if she got a power reserve up to 600 km. According to experts, this would help the German concern to compete even more seriously with Nissan and Tesla for leadership in this market.

At the time of the start of production at the German plant VW Zwickau planned to arrange the release of about 1,500 units per day. Over the next two years, production will be output to a fully planned volume, which is still unknown.