Volkswagen ID electric hatchback will only damage the brand

Volkswagen ID electric hatchback will only damage the brand

April 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In September 2016, Volkswagen presented the concept of an electric hatchback ID, which will be the first mass electric car of the German brand. On May 8, the Germans will begin to take orders for it, and the appearance of the serial copy will be shown only in September. Since there was nothing left before the start of sales, foreign colleagues found out some details of how the retail price and the cost price of this model will relate.

According to the portal Autoblog, citing its insiders, a production car will cost about 29,990 euros in the basic configuration, while Volkswagen will produce it at a loss: the cost price of the car is supposedly around 33,000 euros , that is, the “minus” from each machine will be 3000 euros.

However, in the future this situation may change. In 2016, Detroit News reported that General Motors was losing at least $ 9,000 on each Chevrolet Bolt, and in 2017, the late Sergio Marchionne did not say that every copy of the electric Fiat 500e brought a loss of $ 20,000. Last year, Moody’s analytical agency stated that, on average, automakers lose at least $ 7,000 on each sold electric car, so it can be stated that Volkswagen did an excellent job of reducing the cost of hatchback production, and soon we can expect that the idea of ​​electric m delyami will bring the company’s profits.

However, there is a possibility that for the first time the ID hatchback will be sold with a more capacious 62 kWh battery, which will provide it with a power reserve of 550 kilometers over the WLTP cycle, and this modification will receive a price tag of 35,000 euros. But the “popular” modification with a battery with a capacity of 48 kWh and a power reserve of 322 kilometers can be brought to the market later. By the way, Tesla did the same when it brought the Model 3 electric car to the market.