Volkswagen ID electric cars will be sold from the factory

Volkswagen ID electric cars will be sold from the factory

May 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker may start selling its ID family of electric cars directly from the factory, bypassing the dealer network.

According to the press service of the German brand, the new model of sales and after-sales services, which will begin to operate along with the start of sales of the five-door electric car ID.3 this summer, will retain the business of Volkswagen dealers, but fundamentally change its appearance. So, the company intends to switch to direct sales of its cars, bypassing the dealer network. Moreover, at first such a concept will be introduced in the implementation of the promising Volkswagen ID family, but later it will be extended to all models.

The selection of the electric car, financial services, insurance package will be carried out only online through the new IT service “Thunder”. It also collects customer data for after-sales services.

In this sales scheme, dealers play the role of agents who will work with customers, showcase cars and talk about options. The profit of the showrooms consists entirely of payments from Volkswagen for each car sold, fixed at the location of this show room, Volkswagen rental payments and earnings from after-sales service.

Note that Tesla also works by a similar principle. All dealers of the brand in Germany have already entered into a new agreement with Volkswagen AG.