Volkswagen ID.3 uses drum brakes

Volkswagen ID.3 uses drum brakes

November 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At first glance, it seems illogical: Volkswagen has stuffed its latest, all-electric hatchback ID.3 with high technology and at the same time hid drum brakes inside its rear wheels, which are not associated with innovation. However, their use in this futuristic transport model is well founded.

The design and dimensions and weight characteristics of drum brakes are such that other modern designs cannot be compared with them in terms of the degree of loyalty to the environment. But it is environmental friendliness that is at the forefront of the ideology of Volkswagen ID.3.

Unlike disc brakes, drum brakes have a closed design, so that much less dust generated during braking gets into the environment. In addition, brake pads supplied by TMD Friction have a reduced copper content in the friction mixture – in line with the most advanced environmental standards.

However, any brakes are required, first of all, to fulfill their main purpose – to effectively stop the vehicle, regardless of the type of its engine. As a rule, disc brakes are superior in power to drum brakes. But as applied to electric vehicles, such power is often excessive, since the mechanism for recuperating the kinetic energy of motion into electric energy plays a significant role in braking such cars. The drum brakes have a sufficient margin to perform the function of the main brake. In addition, they are better suited for parking brake operation. These considerations make drum brakes the optimum solution for the Volkswagen ID.3 rear wheels.

The most intense braking, if necessary, is also ensured by the design features of the ID.3 itself. Like its legendary ancestor Volkswagen Beetle, the new electric car received a rear-engined layout. This means a higher load on the rear axle, which increases the braking force on the road. TMD Friction Linings for ID.3 Drum Brakes have been designed with this drive configuration in mind and provide the best performance and comfort.