Volkswagen ID.3 equipped with a “smart” information LED strip

Volkswagen ID.3 equipped with a “smart” information LED strip

October 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

VW is preparing to launch the first production ID.3, which will receive a few surprises. One such technique is the so-called identity card.

A special concept of interior lighting, created for visual communication with passengers, is implemented using an LED strip that passes through the cabin, helping the driver change color depending on his current function.

ID Light complements ID.3’s advanced voice control by sending a warning light when the system responds to passenger voices, and also extracts information from active safety and navigation systems to help the driver feel more comfortable and confident while driving.

Light signals are also emitted to notify the driver that the drive system is active or that the vehicle is unlocked or locked. He can also recommend changing lanes by blinking and warning the driver if the car is in the wrong lane.

The internal LED strip is also used to indicate a fully charged battery in green, and such warnings, for example, for emergency braking, are indicated in red.

    “For all its innovation, ID. Light works intuitively using familiar colors. This use of light makes the car more “representative” and is a very simple and intuitive way to communicate, ” – says Valentina Wilhelm, user experience designer at Volkswagen.