Volkswagen ID.3 Demand Helps Norway Set New Electric Car Record

Volkswagen ID.3 Demand Helps Norway Set New Electric Car Record

October 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The electric hatchback raises the share of the Norwegian electric vehicle market to a new record in September. Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2 also showed good sales, but didn’t even come close to ID.3.

The past month helped Norway to consolidate its leadership in the electric car segment: sales of green cars in this European country showed excellent results. In just a month, local motorists purchased 12,689 cars (almost a 76% increase in demand). Before the new record, the local car market did not have enough (so far, with a result of 12 164, the car is leading in March 2019).

However, another fact gives out more interest: a new record for the electric car market share – 81.6%! At this rate, very soon the Norwegians can completely abandon cars with internal combustion engines. This positive dynamic was made possible by the growing demand for PHEV and BEV. So, cars from the first segment, for example, “grew” by 174.7% in September with a market share of 20.1% (3 129 cars). Since the beginning of the year, such cars are also in a good “plus”, despite the problems with COVID-19.

The best-selling model in Norway in September was the new Volkswagen ID.3. Already in the middle of the month, this electric car was sold in the amount of 1,000 units.

After that, the number of orders increased to 1 989. The Tesla Model 3 electric sedan (1116 cars) took the second place in popularity, and Polestar 2 became the third with a result of 937 buyers. Such statistics are shared by the Insideevs portal.

According to the results of the past months of 2020, the best-selling electric car (BEV) in Norway remains the Audi e-tron electric crossover. In September, he is content with the fifth line of the rating (542 cars).

Earlier it became known that the compact electric car Fiat 500 EV received a new modification. Such a car has a door for the passenger of the second row of seats, and its feature is the opening against the direction of the movement of the car.