Volkswagen has stopped supplying the new Golf

Volkswagen has stopped supplying the new Golf

May 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen stops delivering its latest Golf compact hatchback after a software problem was discovered in some cars.

This software allows you to make emergency calls – a feature that has been required by EU regulations since 2018. VW said it would decide in the next few days whether to announce a recall or software update, the automaker said Friday.

VW began selling the new Golf in Europe this year due to delays caused by the car’s advanced digital features, including software updates over the air (OTA).

To keep Golf attractive, with more customers switching to premium crossovers or hatchbacks, VW has provided an eighth-generation model with an all-digital cab with features such as continuous connectivity. But advanced technology caused technical errors, which delayed the launch.

At present, the company cannot say how many cars are affected by this problem. The software update is expected to be available from June 15-21.

According to Der Spiegel, VW continues to build Golf at its Wolfsburg plant. Finished cars will be stored until updated. According to market researchers JATO Dynamics, Golf is the best-selling car in Europe, its sales volume last year amounted to 410,779, which is 8% less.