Volkswagen has dispelled major misconceptions about electric vehicles

Volkswagen has dispelled major misconceptions about electric vehicles

January 14, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen is fighting the misconceptions of potential electric car buyers about range, winter travel, hot weather and more. To explain that there is nothing to fear, Volkswagen has released a set of pictorial images.

As one of the largest German manufacturers, Volkswagen, has set its sights on electrifying major segments on a massive scale, the company must promote electric vehicles to a diverse group of buyers not necessarily familiar with this kind of vehicle.

There are many myths, fears, doubts and misconceptions about whether an electric car can reliably fulfill its role as a “normal car”. Volkswagen’s new small campaign “City, Country, Highway”, which is a collection of several images of the use of ID.3 in different situations, clearly demonstrates the capabilities of the electric car. It’s pretty clever and educationally interesting.

Rush hour in the city, only 10% left!

If for someone 10% of the battery charge is a reason to panic, then, according to representatives of Volkswagen, this is still enough to cover a fairly decent distance.

Get to your destination quickly!

Is too much energy consumed when driving on the highway in an electric vehicle? Well, at 130 km / h for 30 minutes, the Volkswagen ID.3 will reportedly consume only 14 kWh of energy to cover the 65 kilometers distance. This is only a small part of the largest battery with a capacity of 77 kWh.

Going on vacation with a full load: is it a good idea?

A fully loaded Volkswagen ID.3 reduces the range by one-fifth (up to 450 km instead of 549 km on WLTP), according to the German manufacturer, but long journeys can still be made with a DC fast charger in the trunk and used along the way. …

A trip to the mountains: the air becomes thin.

Mountains are not too much of a problem for EVs. While driving uphill, energy consumption does increase, but it will recover on the way back.

Discharges quickly in the middle of summer.

A zero-emission vehicle air conditioner uses less than 1 kW of power per hour. Such an indicator of consumption is not a reason to neglect the cooling inside the cabin during a trip in the heat.

It’s dark and cold outside, but it’s cozy inside: will we get there?

How about heating? Well, the rear window defroster will definitely not put you in a quandary – it only consumes 0.0033 kWh in 10 minutes. But in general there are solutions to limit the loss of range in winter (which can obviously be significant due to electric heating), such as pre-conditioning while charging, or buying a car with an additional heat pump.