Volkswagen has confirmed the release of a new generation Golf Estate

Volkswagen has confirmed the release of a new generation Golf Estate

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen and Golf Allatrack will appear in the US markets, but sales in Europe remain a big question.

The German automaker has just confirmed that the new, eighth-generation Golf hatchback, which will debut next month, will receive an extended roof version. Note that exactly a year ago, company representatives said that Volkswagen could stop production of the Golf Wagon wagon with the advent of the MK8 generation. However, this information was not confirmed and the Golf Wagon will continue to live.

In another press release, which refers to a meeting between the employees of the VW plant in Wolfsburg and the company’s management, the company briefly mentions that “the entire Golf Variant production will be transferred to the main plant here in Wolfsburg.” The current Golf is produced in Zwickau, Germany.

    For generalists, this is definitely good news. Buyers of the legendary Golf in Europe will be able to buy the new Golf Wagon next year when a more practical Golf MK8 is available. In North America, however, this will be a different story, at least for the 2020 model.

In the US, the new Golf will only be available in GTI and R variants that will not appear for a year or so. In Canada, it will be possible to purchase a new Golf Wagon, but it will not be a new generation. Instead, the local branch of the German manufacturer will sell cars of the 2019 model year, and so far no decision has been made regarding the next-generation station wagons.