Volkswagen has complained about the shortage of specialists in engines

Volkswagen has complained about the shortage of specialists in engines

August 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Due to the lack of qualified engineers, Volkswagen may have problems with the certification of engines under the new WLTP standard, which will come into force from September this year. According to the head of the brand Herbert Diss, this will lead to production problems and bottlenecks for individual models. This is reported by Automotive News Europe.

Volkswagen is experiencing a strong outflow of power specialists since the very beginning of dieselgate, when the American authorities found the German manufacturer guilty of systematic fraud with the level of harmful emissions and installation of fraudulent software.

“Expertise in this area is lost,” explains Diss, emphasizing that certification of engines for road machines has become much more difficult. “The regulators have become smarter and are already looking at the emissions of harmful substances with test machines,” – says Diss, “they are even now wondering what tires are installed and whether the air conditioner is running during the tests.”

In June, Volkswagen warned shareholders that, due to a new test cycle, it could not reach the planned production volume. Elimination of problems associated with the entry into force of WLTP, will cost the company more than one billion euros.

The scandal with the manipulation of data on harmful emissions cost Volkswagen 27.4 billion euros. “Dieselgate” was the reason for the departure of the company’s management in the resignation and recall of 11 million cars around the world. The amount of lawsuits and fines was $ 90 billion. Later, Porsche and Audi were also suspected of involvement in falsification.