Volkswagen has appointed a new COO in North America

Volkswagen has appointed a new COO in North America

September 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German concern announced a reshuffle.

Volkswagen of America has hired Johan de Nisshen as chief operating officer of the brand in North America. 59-year-old De Nissen, who was fired from the post of head of Cadillac in April 2018, previously served as head of the Infiniti and Audi of America brands, will now take up a new position at Volkswagen from October of this year.

In this position, he will report to Scott Keogh, the American CEO, who previously reported to de Nisshen when they both worked for Audi of America. De Nisshen left Audi of America in May 2012 after 19 years of work. After leaving Cadillac, de Nissen worked as a management consultant.

During de Nissen’s job at Cadillac as executive director in South Africa, he gained unprecedented freedom to run the GM luxury brand. He moved the brand’s headquarters from Detroit to New York and gained autonomy to work separately from the main GM brands, which, he believes, was necessary for the successful transformation of the brand.

According to the leadership of the German company, de Nisshen “will help us become faster, better and smarter. He will speed up the decision-making process and immerse himself in our daily activities so that we can continue to give this brand a new meaning. ”

Volkswagen’s long-term goal is to regain the 5 percent market share it used in the United States in 1970, which would mean roughly doubling its existing share. In his own written statement published by VW, de Nisshen said he “looks forward to returning to the company.” This is a great opportunity to play an important role in a company of this magnitude at an exciting time. ”