Volkswagen Group has suspended production of Audi RS 3

Volkswagen Group has suspended production of Audi RS 3

August 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

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The German automotive giant decided not to create problems when moving to the new global environmental standard WLTP. As a result of which the conveyors will temporarily suspend the production of two modifications of the Audi RS 3.

According to the Australian edition of Caradvice referring to the head of the local division of the brand Sean Cleary, because of the introduction of a new environmental standard, the hatchback and sedan RS 3 will not be available in the local market in the near future. However, the loss will not last long: at the beginning of next year the cars will be modernized. After that they will again appear on the state market.

Mi checked the configurator on the official website of the Australian division of the brand. And really: neither the sedan nor the hatchback RS 3 is no longer on the list of models sold.

Another situation is emerging in European markets. In the UK, the Audi RS 3 can be ordered without any difficulty from dealers: the hatchback is available at a price of 44 755 pounds sterling, the sedan is sold at a price of 45 705 pounds.

The configurator on the official website of the German unit says that only cars that are delivered to the trade-in are available for purchase.

Because of the new environmental standard, WLTP suffered several European brands at once: the power of their engines was lost by the hot-hatches Seat Leon Cupra and Volkswagen Golf R (10 hp each). Peugeot has suspended production of the hot-hatch 308 GTi, there are problems with some modifications of the BMW 7 Series.

The current Audi RS 3 is equipped with a turbocharged five with a capacity of 2.5 liters, the capacity of which is 400 horsepower. The engine works with a two-disk robotic transmission S-Tronic.

Previously, Audi introduced its new supercar PB18 with hurricane dynamics.