Volkswagen Group develops a mysterious electric car

Volkswagen Group develops a mysterious electric car

November 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The concern will release an electric car for Audi, Bentley and Porsche

The VW Group is developing a flagship electric vehicle for Audi, Bentley and Porsche under a project codenamed Landjet.

According to Automotive News Europe, the Volkswagen Group is developing a mysterious electric car, code-named Landjet. Later, it will turn into production models of several brands at once: Audi, Bentley and Porsche. It is not yet known which market segment these products will fall into, but insiders claim they will have three rows of seats in the cabin and seven seats. Despite this layout, the main competitor of Landjet in the internal documents of the concern is called the Tesla Model S liftback, and not the Model X crossover.

Electric vehicles of the mysterious project will be produced at the Volkswagen plant in the German city of Hanover, where the Transporter van and the Amarok pickup are produced. A top manager of the Volkswagen Group, on condition of anonymity, told the publication that it would be much faster and cheaper to launch Landjet into serial production in Hanover than at the Audi plant. The first on the assembly line will be the version of the electric car from Audi in 2024, the next will be the Bentley brand – in 2026. Both models will receive a battery with a power reserve of 650 kilometers.