Volkswagen Golf received two special versions

Volkswagen Golf received two special versions

May 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The construction of special hot-hatches and universal versions was carried out by engineering students from Wolfsburg and Zwickau.

The public premiere of new products based on the Volkswagen Golf model was held today at the 37th meeting of GTI fans. It takes place on the shore of Lake W├Ârthersee every year, tens of thousands of enthusiasts come to it. The projects, built by students, were called Golf GTI Next Level and Golf Estate TGI Gmotion. The first was developed in Wolfsburg, and the second in Zwickau.

Now more about the cars themselves. Let’s start with the Golf GTI Next Level: the two-liter gasoline 4-cylinder turbo engine of the EA888 series, combined with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, in this version was forced to 411 hp. The unique GTI was painted in standard colors – white-silver metallic and deep black with pearlescent effect in the back. Over the painting, a contrasting graphic is drawn manually. By the way, the body kit and the inside of the forged wheels were also painted by hand.

The exterior and interior of the car was designed at graphic stations, including a multimedia installation, located behind the front seats of a two-seat hatchback. A number of elements designed using CAD-programs, was subsequently printed on a 3D printer. More students have developed a special offer for controlling the electric drive to open the cargo door, a retractable LCD monitor and a LED underbody light.

The second car named Golf Estate TGI Gmotion is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine running on natural gas in combination with a seven-speed automatic transmission with a double clutch and a four-wheel drive system. In this car, the students tried to combine a sporting character, elegance and off-road ability. Gmotion is designed to show that alternative powerplants can be suitable not only for family, but also for commercial use.

Showcar painted in matte and glossy colors. All the decorative interior decoration received a chrome coating, and the sports seats are red decorative stitching, “honeycomb” stitching and embroidered Gmotion logos. The car was completed with a coilover suspension with the possibility of understating the clearance of 40 mm and four-piston brakes, and the bottom and exhaust system were adapted for all-wheel drive.

Recall, in the same place on the shore of Lake W├Ârtherse in Austria, the new Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR with a 290-horsepower engine debuts.

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