Volkswagen Golf received a new engine and 600 hp

Volkswagen Golf received a new engine and 600 hp

August 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The tuners decided to pump a hot-hatch into a real monster, installing a new motor on it.

Volkswagen Golf is one of the most popular models in the world since its launch. It is available in a variety of modifications, including “charged”, and still in demand among tuning specialists, however, its two-liter turbo four EA888 has limited potential. Apparently, the tuners SAR-Turbotechnik and MTR-Performance decided to save him from this shortcoming.

For these purposes, they borrowed from the restyling Audi RS3 in 2017 a five-cylinder 400-hp turbo-engine EA855 evo in capacity of 2.5 liters. The engine’s response from the hot-hatch after the upgrade is 400 hp and 480 Nm of torque, while in the stock Golf R two-liter turbo four produces 300 hp and 380 Nm.

But, the replacement of the engine did not stop there, apparently, the tuners decided that they would perform such a serious operation for the sake of 100 hp. not serious. The “rolling” of the Golf R continued: new TTE625 turbochargers were installed from TheTurboEngineers, the cold air intake system was modernized and a new sports exhaust system was installed.

As a result of these modifications, the engine’s output increased to 600 hp, which allows the hatchback to be fired from zero to the first “hundred” in 3 seconds, the 200 km/h mark of the speedometer needle crosses after 9.5 seconds. The distance of half a mile car overcomes in 18 seconds, while having time to accelerate to 252 km/h.

The finishing touch was the set of OZ Racing wheels. There were no other visual changes.