Volkswagen Golf, Passat and Polo may disappear

Volkswagen Golf, Passat and Polo may disappear

May 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

VW’s iconic nameplates, such as Golf, Polo, and Passat, may disappear from markets that at some point will only allow the sale of all-electric cars. In fact, the UK may ban internal combustion engines as early as 2030.

When asked by AutoExpress if Golf still has a future with ID VW, head of sales and marketing for the brand, Jürgen Stackmann replied: “Probably not.” Before this day, Stackmann still expects to see the ninth generation Golf. “I am convinced that we will all get the Golf 9. I think the Golf will have a lot of interesting technology.”

The latest Golf of the 8th generation will also be equipped with an electric installation, but only in a soft hybrid and plug-in hybrid form – the same goes for Passat with its derivative GTE.

However, despite the fact that such Golf may cease to exist in the future, the iconic VW nameplates must still exist on a global scale.