Volkswagen fraudulent cars snapping up like hot cakes

Volkswagen fraudulent cars snapping up like hot cakes

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the US, cars involved in the diesel scandal are in high demand

There was an unusual situation in the American car market: cars previously purchased from owners due to a diesel scandal turned out to be hot commodities, The New York Times found out. Journalists interviewed dealers and found out the reasons for the increased demand for models with TDi engines.

According to the director of the Vorderman Volkswagen car dealership, Chad Probst from Indiana, his managers have already sold almost a thousand diesel cars, and the monthly sales volume is 50-60 units. Moreover, buyers deliberately fly for these Volkswagen from other states and do not even look at other models.

To date, 310 thousand of the 380 thousand purchased cars have already found new owners. Increased demand is due to several factors. This is, firstly, fuel economy, and secondly, a four-year guarantee, which the government obliged Volkswagen to extend to resold cars, and thirdly, the absence of other diesel cars on the market. A low price tag also plays a role: for example, Golf 2015 with a TDI engine can be purchased for 11.5-12 thousand dollars.

The essence of the diesel scandal – “dieselgate” – was that Volkswagen used a fraudulent scheme to pass environmental tests. As a result of this, cars appeared on the market where the indicator of harmful emissions significantly exceeded the permissible level. In the USA, the owners of such cars were offered a choice: sell them to companies or give them for free repair. The purchased cars were stored in empty stadiums and parking lots, repaired, and then sold at auctions.