Volkswagen electric hatchback prototype photographed in South Africa

Volkswagen electric hatchback prototype photographed in South Africa

December 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The model will be the firstborn of the new Volkswagen I.D.-family of “green” cars

At the disposal of the Electrek site were photos of a pre-production prototype of an electric Volkswagen I.D. hatchback. The car, which is built on the new modular platform MEB, was caught during tests in South Africa.

About the electric car we know quite a lot. Outwardly, it will look like the 2016 concept of the same name. In motion I.D. will drive a traction motor mounted on the rear axle. Hatchback will offer a battery pack with a capacity of 48 to 111 kilowatt-hours, and its price will be about 24 thousand euros. Like a diesel “Golf”. On one charge I.D. with masthead batteries can travel up to 550 kilometers.

The electric car will be based on the MEB platform with integrated support for wireless charging. The traction battery here, as with most manufacturers, is in the center. It consists of individual cells that are assembled into modules of the required size. An electric motor is installed at the back, and in front is a power electronics unit, a heating system and a radiator.

All models of the I.D.-family will be built on MEB – from the hatchback to the crossover the size of a Touareg. By 2020, Volkswagen intends to sell 150 thousand electric cars per year. Two years later, the brands included in the group will produce already 27 electric models.