Volkswagen electric ads banned due to gender stereotypes

Volkswagen electric ads banned due to gender stereotypes

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Advertising Standards Authority (UK) has banned new advertising for the Volkswagen e-Golf. For several days of broadcasting the video, three complaints were filed and the regulator came to the conclusion that advertising can offend women, and its distribution contradicts the new requirements for the media.

Actual advertising legislation came into force in the UK in June, with innovations designed to prevent the demonstration of gender stereotypes from screens. According to the regulator, Volkswagen shows men in the roles of travelers, athletes and astronauts, and a woman has an unenviable role.

In advertising, the “weaker sex” is engaged in the preparation of sandwiches, washing clothes and caring for a child, which is a vivid example of stereotypes. The explanations of the German automaker that “a woman performs no less important and difficult work than men in space” did not satisfy the commission. So Volkswagen will probably have to shoot a new video to promote the electric Golf in the UK.

In 2018, the British Committee of Advertising Standards banned a BMW video on the XDrive all-wheel drive system. The ASA was displeased with the X5 sliding through the mud, whose appearance “condones fast, dangerous and irresponsible driving.”