Volkswagen e-Golf showed an abusive greeting to Americans

Volkswagen e-Golf showed an abusive greeting to Americans

December 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

An abusive electric car was found in one of the Volkswagen dealerships in Rochester, New York. Someone wrote down an obscene message to the onboard computer of the hatchback.

Concern Volkswagen, as you know, dreams of becoming the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world and overwhelm them, including America. In the meantime, its only electric model – the e-Golf – the German automaker delivers to the US by sea from Europe. Some intruder on the way to the next batch of cars across the Atlantic climbed into the onboard computer of one of the golf courses and rewrote the greeting inscription in it, reports the American edition of Jalopnik, citing a local dealer from Rochester. The seller sent to the editorial board a welcome picture from the onboard computer of the electric vehicle, which was found during the pre-sale preparation. The caption reads: Welcome Fuck of USA.

The regional representative office of Volkswagen has not yet commented on the appearance of the boorish inscription in the new car. The seller also believes that this is someone’s evil joke and promised to remove the offensive greeting before handing over the car to the buyer. However, it cannot be excluded that the abusive message is recorded in other hatchbacks from the same lot that went to other dealers. If one of these machines gets to the client, the scandal will be grand with a great judicial perspective. In general, it would be nice now to check all the cars from Europe for the presence of unauthorized messages, otherwise you will not end up with problems.

Readers of Jalopnik and other publications who have told about this curious incident make jokes that the abusive message is the revenge of Volkswagen workers to the Americans for diesel gate and the trade war declared to Europe by Donald Trump. The latter, however, should stop, not really starting, since Volkswagen will soon take custody of the American automobile concern Ford and, possibly, help it avoid massive cuts.

Meanwhile, in Europe next year will debut an entirely new Volkswagen Golf eighth generation.