Volkswagen e-Golf participates in sustainable Uber project

Volkswagen e-Golf participates in sustainable Uber project

September 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Uber and Volkswagen have teamed up to create a new passenger transport project in Berlin called Uber Green. At the heart of the project is the VW e-Golf, which serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to combustion engine cars.

Uber noted that it is using e-Golf in its program, similar to how Volkswagen has successfully used this model since 2018 for its own We Share car sharing service.

“Through our partnership with Uber, we are helping to improve air quality in urban areas with our local zero-carbon electric vehicles. In addition, taking into account the requirements of continuous operation of electric vehicles with battery in the passenger call service, we will gain valuable experience that we can use for future vehicles, ”said Volkswagen Head of Sales and Marketing Holger B. Santel.

Earlier this month, Uber announced its plan to become a zero-emissions mobile platform by 2040 and operate all travel on all-electric modes. In addition, the company wants 100% of its trips in the US, Canada and Europe to be EV by 2030, with Uber Green already launched in more than 15 cities in the US and Canada.

“We are delighted that Volkswagen, one of the world’s leaders in e-mobility, has partnered with our mediation platform. Volkswagen EVs are perfect for our sustainable Uber Green concept, ”said Christoph Weigler of Uber.

As for Volkswagen, they plan to offer EVs in all major segments by 2022 to become the global leader in EVs. The Volkswagen brand alone expects to produce around 1.5 million “electric cars” over the next five years.