Volkswagen Director Says German Automotive Industry May Fall Like Detroit

Volkswagen Director Says German Automotive Industry May Fall Like Detroit

October 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

VW CEO Herbert Diez warned of possible negative consequences after the recent changes in the environmental standards of cars and bans on diesel fuel.

In a recent conference of automotive supplier suppliers in Wolfsburg, Volkswagen CEO predicted negative consequences for the German automotive industry. According to him, the introduction of new Euro-6 environmental standards, and the new diesel vehicle bans, have a significant impact on automakers.

In fact, Diess compared the future of German automakers with the fate of the industry in Detroit. And he spoke in detail about what could happen to cities if large corporations leave them.

“If you look at the former automotive industry bastions, such as Detroit … or Turin, you understand what happens to cities when once-influential corporations and leading industries leave,” – said the VW boss. “From today, the chances are probably 50:50, that the German automotive industry will remain advanced in 10 years,” – he added.

Diess also argues that the new European CO2 emissions requirements for vehicles are too ambitious, and have a strong influence on automakers, forcing them to quickly adapt to new conditions. According to him, by 2030 there should be more electric cars on the roads of Europe than German companies can produce.

Also note that Volkswagen is going to sell cars on the Internet since 2020, opening its online store.