Volkswagen designer predicted the rise in popularity of colorful cars

Volkswagen designer predicted the rise in popularity of colorful cars

January 28, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Cars painted in traditional monochrome colors will give way to flamboyant cars. The rapid development of social networks, in particular, will have an impact on changing trends.

Many automakers bypass bright colors, offering customers a tried and tested set of classic but rather boring shades. Jung Lim Park, Senior Designer for Volkswagen Colors and Finishes, is confident that tastes can change.

Choosing a color is tricky territory, he said. The suitable shade depends on the type of car body, its dimensions, the audience to which it is addressed, and so on. And the color palette of cars is very regional: the tastes of motorists can differ dramatically depending on the specific country. For example, in the Asia-Pacific region, cars in bright colors are in demand. In Europe, the gray car will receive more responses. This same shade, which can be very versatile, is gaining popularity in North America.

However, things can change. Social media users increasingly want to stand out. Juicy and bright colors help them in this.

VW tried to capitalize on this with the successful Spektrum program, which made all of the historic Golf colors available to the Golf R. The new Ford Bronco also took on the vibrant hues of yellow and orange.

Парк отметил, что цвета оригинальных автобусов и жуков являются знаковыми для марки и продолжают оставаться узнаваемыми до сих пор. И это несмотря на то, что их уже давно не производят. При этом Volkswagen старается переосмыслить прежнюю палитру с учетом современных автомобильных технологий. Так появился концептуальный Volkswagen ID. Buzz в ярко-жёлтом оттенке.

In general, digital life has influenced the modern person so strongly that the future will surely become bright, Park is sure.