Volkswagen denies reports of a merger with Ford

Volkswagen denies reports of a merger with Ford

November 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Executive Director of the Volkswagen Group Herbert Dies denied claims that the German automaker will merge with Ford, reports Detroit Free Press.

Since VW and Ford announced that they will jointly develop and produce a number of commercial vehicles, other areas of cooperation have been touched by rumors.

However, speaking to media representatives at a press conference in Germany on Friday, Diess denied such allegations, saying that the merger was “never” seen as part of discussions about future collaboration. This is due to previous statements that the strategic alliance between the companies “will not include equity agreements, including cross-ownership.

“We are studying common platforms that we have. Ford is very strong in the US; we are strong in other markets,” Dizs added. ”

Currently, the cooperation is not foreseen a merger will not occur, that their partnership may go beyond the scope of commercial vehicles.

“Our move (memorandum of understanding) with VW covers negotiations in a number of several areas. So far, we don’t want to spread more detailed information,” – said Ford spokeswoman Jennifer Flake.

It is widely believed that automakers could join forces to develop an electric vehicle fleet and unmanned aerial vehicles. This will reduce research and development costs for companies, as well as create huge revenue figures.

A statement on the Volkswagen website says that a partnership with Ford will help both companies, but they will remain competitors and will not work together on commercial, marketing or pricing strategies.

“The previously announced talks with Ford on industrial cooperation are still going on positively. The two companies complement each other very well in terms of products and regions.

The basis of the proposed cooperation is the joint development and production of a number of light commercial vehicles,”- the message says.