Volkswagen decided to beat the 20-year-old Goodwood record

Volkswagen decided to beat the 20-year-old Goodwood record

July 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Electric sport prototype ID.R will take part in a high-speed climb on the hill

Volkswagen ID.R electric sport prototype will try to set an absolute record of the annual hill speed ascent competition, which takes place as part of the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival. The previous achievement belongs to the formula car of the McLaren-Mercedes MP4 / 13 and lasts for 20 years.

“In Goodwood, we want to show that the ID.R electrical powerplant is able to put the sport prototype on par with a Formula 1 car,” – says Volkswagen Motorsport director Sven Smeets. “But in the end, Romain Dumas can break the Nick Heidfeld record or not will depend on the weather this weekend”. It is the weather and the condition of the route that will become the main problems of engineers and pilots, as now it is “difficult to assess the level of adhesion of tires to the canvas during the race.”

Nick Heidfeld set a Goodwood record in 1999. The German race car driver performed on the McLaren-Mercedes MP4 / 13, equipped with a 780-horsepower V10. The recoil of the Volkswagen ID.R installation is 680 power and 650 Nm. Acceleration time to the first 100 km/h – 2.25 seconds.

The tire supplier for ID.R will be Michelin: the company will provide for the arrival very soft racing tires that will ensure maximum grip. Considering the length of the route, Volkswagen will install a more compact lithium-ion battery on the sport prototype and will also adjust the power management system. According to the technical director of Volkswagen Motorsport, François-Xavier Demazon, at Goodwood, maximum power and minimum weight are important.

In June of this year, Volkswagen ID.R set a new Nurburgring record for battery cars. He drove the track in 6 minutes 05.336 seconds, which is 40.564 seconds faster than reaching the Chinese electric supercar Nio EP9. A year earlier, ID.R was the fastest at Pikes Peak: the sport prototype improved the record for Sebastien Loeb by Peugeot 208 T16 by as much as 16 seconds.