Volkswagen completes new generation VW Golf testing

Volkswagen completes new generation VW Golf testing

August 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German concern Volkswagen has officially confirmed the rumors by posting images showing the silhouette of a two-door crossover. The model was developed in Brazil, but it will be sold in Europe.

A couple of days ago, an image from Volkswagen Design was posted on the Internet, which clearly shows the new SUV. According to the art director of the studio in South America, in this way the company decided to hint at the future premiere of the new car. A little later, a meeting of the chief executives of the company with the governor of the state of Sao Paulo. Within the framework of this meeting, they confirmed that the German concern would indeed soon release a SUV, moreover, in the back of a coupe.

 In Volkswagen, the future model is still called the New Urban Coupe, however, the company recently registered a new name – T-Sport, possibly for this model. Initially, the car was intended for poor markets where purchasing power would be low, but later it was decided that sales would take place in Europe.

The manufacturer of the new model will be at least two factories (in Brazil and Spain), one for the supply of the car to America, the other for Europe. It is possible that if demand is high, then production will be installed on a few more.

On the technical side, nothing is known yet. But according to preliminary data, the future car will be built on the MQB A0 platform – one of the many platforms of the Volkswagen concern. Most likely, the engine from the hatchback will be under the hood.

The start of production of a new model in Brazil will begin in May next year. Most likely, before the start of production, we will get even more information about this car.