Volkswagen called the cost of the new VW T-Roc R

Volkswagen called the cost of the new VW T-Roc R

September 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German company announced the prices of the new 296-horsepower T-Roc. In the UK market, the crossover is sold from 38,450 pounds

The new Volkswagen T-Roc R crossover is already in the UK market. Under the hood of the novelty is a gasoline turbocharged engine that produces 296 horsepower and a torque of 400 Nm. Together with the engine, a seven-speed automatic gearbox and an all-wheel drive system work. From 0 to 100 km / h, the crossover accelerates in 4.9 seconds. The maximum speed reaches 250 km / h. The new T-Roc R is still considered a high-performance car, despite its size. Cost starts at £ 38,450 and $ 47,789.

“With the advent of the R, the T-Roc once again demonstrates the impressive versatility of its packaging, with the ability to be a stylish and practical family SUV, an exciting Cabriolet or, now, a driver-oriented R sports car. Thanks to its flexible handling, the large space in the car and the speed of the car, the T-Roc R is truly an unrivaled all-rounder and represents the best of the past, present and future Volkswagen R, ”says Claire Haines, T-Roc’s Product Manager for VW UK.

With regards to equipment, customers in the UK in the basic version of the crossover are available 19-inch alloy wheels, and for an additional fee there is the opportunity to purchase an adaptive Dynamic Chassis Control shock absorber system, which is offered for $ 864.

In the design of the body there are black elements: roof, front pillar and mirrors. Eight body paint options are available: vibrant orange, turmeric yellow, silver white, Indian gray, deep black, pure white, bright red, bright red and the exclusive Lapiz Blue.