Volkswagen “bury” model of New Beetle

Volkswagen “bury” model of New Beetle

March 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In 1997, Volkswagen decided to shake up the car world properly, claiming the return of the legendary Beetle model, the original version of which was produced before the Second World War. In the courtyard of 2018, and the Germans decided that it was time to put an end to the production of this model.

According to the portal Autoevolution, whose journalists talked at the Geneva Motor Show with the head of research and development at Volkswagen Frank Welch, the company decided to put an end to the history of the New Beetle model. “Two or three generations at the moment is enough. You can not create a model five times, and call it a new, new, new Beetle”, – Welsh commented on the brand’s position.

It is noteworthy that a couple of years ago the company was not going to put a “cross” on this model. But now Frank Welch said that Volkswagen absolutely nothing to “bother” with the rear-wheeled electric car Beetle, if you can release an authentic electric van I.D. Buzz.

But will there be an emphasis on an electric van? Last year, Volkswagen introduced the concept of the electric crossover I. D. Crozz in Shanghai, and it is likely that it will drive New Beetle out of the assembly line.

Also, one should not forget about the concept car I.D. Vizzion, which was recently introduced in Geneva. This model is positioned as a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S, and its serial version will have a power reserve of more than 600 kilometers.

If you look at the sales of New Beetle, it becomes clear why Volkswagen makes sense to replace it. In January this year, this model was sold in the United States in the number of 1 112 units, another 1,193 copies were sold in Europe. Last year, the brand sold in the US a little over 15,000 copies of the New Beetle, although in 1999-2000 the model was sold in quantities of more than 80,000 units. For comparison, the compact T-Roc crossover, a few months after the premiere, is sold in Europe six times more actively.

If we weigh all the factors, it becomes clear that Volkswagen has much more ambitious plans than to focus on a stylish, but not a new model. It is likely that it will still be sold for a while in car dealerships, but its days, judging by everything, are numbered.