Volkswagen brand celebrates K70 anniversary

Volkswagen brand celebrates K70 anniversary

October 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker is celebrating 50 years of the groundbreaking K70, Volkswagen’s first front-engine, water-cooled, front-wheel drive vehicle.

In 1969, Volkswagen acquired NSU, which was struggling financially with the revolutionary Ro80. The technically advanced car received the title “European Car of the Year” in 1968, was very popular with journalists, but its rotary piston engine proved to be a real disaster. Most motors required replacement after 50,000 km, and NSU’s generous warranty policy has hopelessly undermined the company’s financial position. By the time of the deal with Volkswagen, a new NSU car, the K70, had been developed, designed to change the situation, but it turned out that the car, almost ready for mass production, went to Volkswagen.

The design of the car was drawn by Klaus Lute, one of the most respected automotive artists of the time. Moreover, having got hold of a new model, the automaker did not hesitate to promote it as its own.

“You will love the Volkswagen K70 because it ushers in a new era in Volkswagen history,” said the ad.

The K70 radically changed the concept of Volkswagen, because before that the brand produced a rather primitive Beetle. The K70 featured independent suspension, a long wheelbase, a very spacious interior, and excellent handling. The engineers paid special attention to active and passive safety: the K70 had crumple zones in the front and rear, a protected fuel tank and preparation for the installation of seat belts on all seats.

A choice of two four-cylinder engines of 1.6 and 1.8 liters, 75 and 100 hp were offered. respectively. The more powerful version reached speeds of up to 160 km / h and accelerated to hundreds in just over 10 seconds. The K70 possessed excellent stability and handling, a high level of safety, a spacious interior and a spacious trunk. Since the K70 was developed by NSU, Volkswagen was unable to unify it with its other models, and the production of the K70 proved to be very disadvantageous from a financial point of view. However, more than 210,000 vehicles were produced. Unfortunately, the K70 had serious corrosion problems, so there aren’t many of these cars left today.

The K70 model was produced until 1975, after which it was replaced by the Volkswagen Passat and a new era began in the history of the company.